Associate Creative Designer

As an in-house designer, you will develop and deploy varying design projects with the larger creative team made up of broadcast and production. Duties include, but are not limited to, developing tournament branding, social media assets, broadcast assets, video assets and presentations or other documentation. You understand how to balance and manage multiple deadlines. You will work with the Creative Director and collaborate with the Operations and Marketing teams in the planning and execution of projects.

Your description:

  • Experienced: You are a designer. You have creative confidence within the design process. You understand design principles, foundations, and know how to organize information. You have knowledge of the current tools of design (Adobe Suite: Illustrator primarily, Photoshop, InDesign, and other design tools). You are honest about your capacity to learn, engage new challenges, and create solutions with whatever tools necessary — and you get creative in doing so! You have a general knowledge of the content creation space (YouTube, Twitch) and understand how broadcasted content functions (OBS, XSplit, VMix). You’re able to manage and work alongside production teams to deliver a unique experience. You are comfortable and disciplined in a hybrid work environment: working from home or working in office. 
  • A self-starter: You have the focus and drive to get the day started knowing the tasks at hand. 
  • A collaborator: You are capable of collaboration, understanding, and applying feedback from a team with a commitment to individual growth and team development. 
  • An owner: You take responsibility for the success of your team. You can see the big picture and the smallest minutiae, and you understand why it all matters. When you take on responsibility of a project, you hold yourself accountable. 
  • A fanatic: You are a gamer who loves esports and wants to bring value to the esports community. 
  • An innovator: You constantly explore new angles and new ideas to deliver compelling experiences to your audience through your creative work. 
  • A storyteller: You have the skill and the passion to create a compelling and authentic narrative for esports audiences. You know when to turn players into stars, you know when and how to inform and entertain in a manner that captivates an audience. 
  • A true problem-solver: You define problems as an opportunity for success. Solutions come first and obstacles second. No challenge is too insurmountable, and you are willing to work through those challenges. 
  • Deadline driven: As you familiarize yourself with the work we do, you become in tune and attentive to ongoing tasking and projects. You know how to balance multiple deadlines. 


  • Drive vision and direction with focus on teams: You are accountable for the work you develop with the collective team to deliver an experience across varying projects. 
  • Accountable for execution: You are a part of a team in getting stuff done. Move fast with a commitment to quality and innovation, while collaborating with diverse teams. 
  • Make the vision happen: Dive into the culture esports and build something special per gaming audience. Working from concept to execution, you help create the vision for each event or project from brand concepts to final broadcasts overlays or other developed media. 
  • Develop the team: You’re an accountable party for ensuring quality from the creative team as well as their success. You are responsible for developing, and improving, your already stellar team. 

Interested? Fill out the form below with an attached resume, a cover letter outlining your streaming experience, a link to your portfolio, and a brief list of games you play and/or esports events that you watch. Please note that we receive many applications, but only successful applicants will be contacted. 


Job Category: Design
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Richmond (BC)

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