TGS Fortnite Circuits: Explained

TGS Fortnite Circuits: Explained

The Gaming Stadium is excited to announce the September Series featuring Fortnite with $3000 in total prizing. Here’s a breakdown of how the circuits will run this September!

Weekly Tournaments

The Fortnite Weeklies will continue to run every Tuesday for the month of September. The entry fee is $10 for drop-in play, and an additional $10 per tournament. However, if you register for both tournaments, you’ll save $5 off your total admission!

Each Thursday will have a total prize pool of $300 dollars, $150 allotted for each tournament. The Solo tournament will be held from 6:00PM to 7:00PM, and Zone Wars will be held from 8:00PM to 9:00PM. As usual, drop-ins will be from 5:00PM to 10:30PM, so feel free to come in and play regardless!

The weekly tournaments will be held the first three Tuesdays of September:

  • Tuesday, September 3rd
  • Tuesday, September 10th
  • Tuesday, September 17th

There will not be a weekly tournament on the following Tuesday, September 24th. Instead, there will be a TGS Open event for Fortnite on Saturday, September 28th.

Solos and Zone Wars Leaderboards

Players competing in the Solo and/or Zone War tournaments will be automatically added to a September Series Leaderboard. The points for the leaderboard are as follows:

Solo Events Leaderboard

1st: 100 points
2nd: 75 points
3rd: 50 points
4th – 10th: 30 points
11th – 15th: 15 points
16th – 20th: 10 points

Zone Wars Leaderboard (Max: 16 players)

1st: 100 points
2nd: 75 points
3rd: 50 points
4th – 10th: 30 points
11th – 16th: 15 points

The top 10 finishers for the September Series Leaderboard will have an additional bonus payout, on top of any winnings they receive from their individual tournaments.

September Series Leaderboard Bonus Payout:

1st: $250
2nd: $200
3rd: $150
4th: $100
5th: $80
6th: $65
7th: $50
8th: $40
9th: $35
10th: $30

TGS Open Featuring Fortnite

In addition to the three weekly tournament, there will be a fourth tournament held on Saturday, September 28th from 11AM to 5PM. The top finishers of the event will receive double the amount of points for the leaderboards.

The Open Series will have a total prize pool of $1000, in addition to an extra $100 TGS Giveaway happening throughout the event.*

*Note: The money allotted for the top finishers for this event are separate from the prizes given out to the overall September Series Leaderboard bonus payouts.

Looking forward to the new Fortnite circuit? Make sure to register for the tournament through our event page.